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We are excited for your interest in submitting your work to be featured in The Walt Whitman Journal of Psychology. Work is able to be sumitted year-round from any high school student worldwide. In order to ensure your work is published, please follow the guidelines for submissions pertaining to your submission type listed below. Your submission will be carefully considered and recieve updates for editing and other required items. 

manuscripts (apa 7)


Authors should prepare manuscripts according to guidelines established in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (7th ed.). The Journal reserves the right to modify APA style. Manuscripts should be no longer than 20 pages and must include a list of references as well as parenthetical citations in accordance with APA style. It is suggested that manuscripts include the following sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion. However, manuscripts are not limited to these sections. Submissions should also include a cover letter in which the author’s name, school affiliation, school grade, advisor’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address are given.

Please be sure to use academic and professional sources while conducting your research. Many university, public, and school libraries offer both printed and online sources from professional journals.

Podcasts should be related to psychology subjects that you believe are interesting and captivating to teenagers. Podcasts should be around 20 minutes with engaging questions that will further our listeners knowledge and thinking on the specific psychology topic. The interviewee should be able to prove their credibility on the subject. Submissions should include proof of credibility, name of interviewer and interview as well as necessary contact information. Submissions should be fully completed and edited but subject to change. Can be solely audio or include video.


If you are, or know of, a credible source who would be willing to set up an interview to discuss their knowledge/expertise in a certain psychology related subject, please email We will be in touch if we are interested to discuss further.

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